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Introduction to the CDSH & Teaching Labe 

At the beginning of its establishment, the Department of History of School of Humanities of Shanghai Jiao Tong University attached great importance to the construction of historical research database. According to the characteristics of new subjects and the basic trend of digitization of historical materials since the new century, the Department of History always takes resources digitization as the key point of construction. The Department of History has worked closely with the National Second Historical Archives, Shanghai Library, Cambridge University in the UK, Max Planck Institute in Germany. Relying on the library of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, large-scale databases such as “Local documents of Ming and Qing Dynasties”, “materials of modern newspapers and periodicals”, and “Wars and Trials in the 20th Century” have been successively built. With the emphasis of history on quantitative data, video and audio materials, and the development of relevant digital humanities technology, the History Department has further built the CDSH based on the original database resources, to promote continuously the high-level development of the discipline, as well as to make pioneering exploration in the field of historical data digitization.