From the Head of Department

Message from the Head of Department:

On November 1, 2003, the Department of History at Shanghai Jiao Tong University was established formally.

On 11 January 2010, the Department of History had its own website started.

During this period, the Department of History had lost many memories, and many things are no longer known. I cannot even remember most of the details of some major events.

The human brain is not as useful as a computer in some sense. With the website, the Department of History can record its own chronicle.

In the future, in the very far future, the history of this department might become the subject of a doctoral dissertation.

  (September 17, 2010)

   Cao Shuji (2003.11-2017.04 Department Head)

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There are opportunities as well as challenges to establish and develop the Development of History, in a university with excellent tradition of engineering disciplines.

Between the old and the new, the East and the West, we will strive for excellence and contribute to the society by applying our knowledge, and forge ahead with courage.

As the head of one of the youngest History Departments in China, I am grateful to the fellow researchers at home and abroad for their care and guidance.

(September 16, 2020)

   Li Yushang (2017.04- Department Head)